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Shifali Mehraa

Medical Nutrition Therapist | Sports Nutritionist | Genetic Diet Councellor

Start counting calories. Don’t eat less, eat right.

Good health comes from good Nutrition and the absence of disease makes you healthy. Prioritizing your health is a must but it is also important that your focus should be on your maintained health rather than weight loss. We have various programs through which Shefali can help you, the client, to reach their required health goal.

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Treatment of PCOS by Diet in Vashi

PCOS is strongly linked to obesity and infertility. 1 out of 5 women today suffer from this condition. Our PCOS specific programmes have helped hundreds of women lose weight and get pregnant.

Diet for treating Thyroid in Vashi by Dr Shifali Mehraa

Obesity due to Hypothyroidism is a condition that can be controlled better with food than medicine. Our nutritionists know exactly how to manage our diet.

Post-partum diet by Dr Shifali Mehraa
Post Pregnancy

Shedding those extra 20 kgs post pregnancy is easy with us without compromising on the nutritional quality of your breast milk. Both mother and the baby become healthy with us.

Weight Gain Treatment in Vashi
Weight Gain

For all thin looking people who want to add few more healthy kgs to your weight, our nutritionists offer tailor made programmes to help gain weight with just food.

Trust Your Body and Adapt to a Few Changes

Food that provides Nutrition that will improve your health


Food gives us life, not just calories.

An Essential Element, which neesds modification in habits to work well with the body.

Importance of sleep that will make your body Healthy



A part of staying healthy. Helps in body movement, digestion and a burning calories.

A crucial Element


An essential part of the healthy journey that helps in maintaining a balance and weaight loss.

The Under-rated Star


A healthy lifestyle gives you a semblancen of routine, makes your body feel light, and helps you keep yourself healthy & fit.

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Who should sign up for NutriGyaan Program?

Who should sign up for NutriGyaan? If you’re suffering from gut issues, hormonal imbalances or auto-immune conditions that are triggered through your food choices

If medication like OCPs, antacids & laxatives are worsening your symptoms rather than improving it

If you’ve been following one fad diet after the other only to gain back more weight

If your meals are stripping the joy from your life rather than supporting it

Pre & post-natal nutrition advice for weight management.