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Nutrition Therapist for Food Service Management by Dr Shifali Mehraa

Food Service management

Nutrition is critical for a healthy lifestyle and general well-being. A nutritionist can help you improve your health by analysing your diet and providing you with tailored suggestions. The nutritionist can give recommendations and meal plans based on your health objectives or medical needs.

To bring innovative, healthy goods to market, nutrition experts collaborate with chefs, food experts and scientists, marketers, and consumer specialists.

We develop meal goals and offer feedback on the ingredients used. They set nutrition goals for the brand and develop products that provide both flavor and nutrition. Each food item features whole food components which deliver more nutrition and flavor while containing less harmful substances.

The nutritionist experts understand analytical data and apply their nutrition expertise to create food nutrition information panels and back up nutrient content claims.

After successful completion of the program, you should be able to:

  • Manage the human resources within a food services organization or department
  • Communicate appropriately with clients, staff and management
  • Apply food services technology and operate industry equipment
  • Develop nutritional menus for food service production
  • Manage food service production
  • Demonstrate professional behaviours expected within the food service industry
  • Manage food services budgets
  • Adhere to regulations, standards and best practices of food service industry
  • Provide customer service to clients within the food service industry